what I'm reading

Born: 28 August 1981 in Birmingham, Alabama.  Oldest of five children.

Education: Bachelor of Science, Business Management, Florida A&M
University.  Master of Business Administration, Marketing
Concentration, Florida A&M University

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana.

Family: Married, one dog.

Career: After interning in marketing jobs throughout school, I moved
to Indianapolis for my wife's c
areer and settled into a job in a
distribution center.  Th
e experience of working there reminded me of
the importance of doing what you love, and
so here I am.

Writing: I've always known that I wanted to write a book someday,
but I got really serious about it in November 2005, thanks to National
Novel Writing Month.  Marvin and the Man, my first book, is what came
out of that.  Actually, that's not completely true.  My very first book,
one you'll never see,  was something that I wrote in first grade.  As I
recall, it was pretty good.   Other than that, I've written a couple of
articles for the church newsletter.